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The app for pet peace of mind.

Register. Record. Report. Recognise. Repatriate.

The Pet Register increases your chance of getting your pet back if you ever become one of the many victims of pet theft. 

Chameleon on a Branch

Remove the market for stolen pets


The app allows users to instantly report their pet as lost or stolen. The users pet will then appear on Dodgy Gear which is a search engine for all lost or stolen items.


This can be accessed and used by any member of the public or the police.


Mobile Phone

Real time alerts


Instantly report stolen goods

from the app

and alert all

local users

and the police.

If you find a missing pet, you

can instantly

notify the

original owner

via the app using the Dodgy Gear feature.

Diverse Group Cheering


Call for help in an emergency with the Emergency button on the app. In the middle of nowhere and you fall and injure yourself? The app will send your precise location using What3Words, making it easy to be found and send help. 

Walking with Dogs

Fast Repatriation


Dodgy Gear is used to identify lost or stolen pets. You can search the app for items via name, type and description. 


This makes it easier to find lost or stolen pets and inform the original owner. 

Data Cloud

Secure System

The Pets Register

is hosted on

an ISO 27001 database.

This simple to use app is for recording evidential pictures and records of your pets, ready to provide to the police and to put out on social media if needs ever arise.

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The Pets Register will be available to download soon!

The following annual subscriptions are available to purchase on the app: 

  • One Pet (Max 4 images) = £5/year including VAT

  • Up to 5 Pets (Max 20 images) = £15/year including VAT

  • Up to 50 Pets (Max 200 images) = £50/year including VAT

Available soon on Google Play and App Store.